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United Middle School



Coach:  Alberto Gonzalez Jr.

Subject: Health & P.E


Office #: 473-7326


Welcome students and parents to another exciting school year! We are looking forward to educating your child thru our Physical Education and Health department.


Goals & Objectives: We will strive to provide a good foundation of skill development, cognitive understanding and promote the physical, emotional, and social development of each student.


 Emphasis: The course work is designed to provide each student with activities that enhance their fitness level, as well as create an awareness and appreciation of lifetime sports and exercises that emphasize a healthy lifestyle. A continuous emphasis will be placed on wellness, self-esteem, respect for others, and making wise decisions in the area of growth and development.


Course content: Physical Education activities are the following but not limited as we will implement other physical activities as needed. Fitness Gram: Running, pushups, sit-ups, trunk lift, Football, Volleyball, Aerobics, Weight Training, Basketball, Handball, Soccer, Track field, Badminton, Tennis, Softball, Baseball ** other activities of student interest**


Health: (6th & 7th Grade only) The health curriculum is design for teaching students the information and skills they need to become Health literate, to maintain and improve health to prevent disease and to reduce health related risk behavior.


Grading Scheme:

50% dressing out and class participation, Student is expected to participate at all times whether he is dressed or not.

50% Health assignments Test and Quizzes. P.E – midterms, finals and test will be given throughout the year.


Required Materials: Physical Education – Approved T-shirts, sweatpants or wind pants, shorts with appropriate length, proper athletic shoes, locks for lockers.

Health: paper pen or pencils. Health classes are schedule for Tuesdays and Thursday only.


**Please note than class room rules UISD student code of conduct and Gym rules still apply. Examples: No cell phones or any other electronic devices are allowed, No flip flops or short shorts are allowed. No eating, drinking (colas, juice etc...) or chewing gum allowed anywhere on the gym floor or locker rooms allowed **


Gym Rules and Procedures: All rules and procedures will be covered in the first two days of class. Student will have an assign seat on the gym floor and is expected to remain there for attendance and physical activities. Failure to follow these rules will result in absences, tardies and disciplinary action. Student must stay with their assign coach at all times, cannot leave the gym or area without coaches consent.  


Bully Free Zone: Always notify the coaches of any type of bulling. We will take immediate action.     


Everything else will be covered with the student in class. Please feel free to contact any of the Physical Education Teachers thru email or by calling our offices.


Any student wanting to join sports must talk to the coaches and have the necessary paper work filled out in order to participate.  



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School Phone:
956 473-7326