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Welcome to sixth grade!  I am very excited to be your child’s Math teacher this year. It is going to be a great year of learning and making new friends. The following information will greatly assist you and your child in reaching the goal of having a very successful year.


On-line Access to Grades/attendance:

To view your child’s grades and attendance, go to the United Middle School webpage, click on parent resources then click on district resources, the Parent Portal Resource will appear.



I am available for after school tutorials three times a week, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:00 pm, except when I have after school duty. All students will be provided with an after school pass.  


MY Daily Schedule

 1st Period     8:05   9:05                                     2nd Period  9:09  10:04

3rd Period   10:08  11:03                                      Lunch     11:03  11:33

4th Period   11:37  12:32                                       5th Period  12:36  1:31

6th Period    1:35   2:30   PLANNING                 7th Period  2:34   3:30


 Absent/Late Work

 Students who are absent are responsible for getting the work they missed.  Absent work must be submitted in a timely manner. Please refer to the UISD Student Handbook under Homework Policy.



Students who miss a test or quiz due to an absence must see me to reschedule test or quiz. Please refer to the UISD Student Handbook for the Assessment Policy.  Assessments will be administered on Fridays.



Homework is an essential aspect of learning and will be assigned Monday thru Thursday. Your child should expect to spend between 15 and 30 minutes on each assignment.  If your child misses class (due to illness, doctor appt. etc.) he or she is responsible for making up the assigned homework, as well as any activities from class that day. Check my website daily to view which assignments need to be completed.


Your child will be issued a HOMEWORK FOLDER by his/her reading teacher.  This folder will be used to store their daily homework assignments.


 Grading Scale as Per UISD Policy

 Classwork /Homework = 50%                             Test/Quiz = 50%



Classroom Rules

 * Be prompt, be prepared, and complete all assignments and homework on time.

 * Raise your hand before speaking & treat others and their property with respect.

 * Do not interfere with others’ learning.

 * Follow directions the first time they are given.



One textbook will be used for this course: McGraw Hill Middle School Math.  Additionally, we will use a variety of instructional resources to develop the math.  It is essential that each student come prepared to class everyday with their school supplies and homework.



Supplies (Bring to class daily)


5 glue sticks

Pencils Pencils!!! Math work MUST be done in pencil                                                    

2 Red ink pens

3 Boxes of Tissues

Set of Color Pencils


1 bottle of hand sanitizer



Thank You,


Letty Juarez

6th Grade Math Teacher

United Middle School MATH Department Head


Upcoming Events


School Phone:
473- 7370
Conference Time:
1:30 -2:20