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August 14, 2019


To the Parents/Guardians of a UMS Student:


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I am anticipating a highly productive and successful year.  I look forward to working with your child through hands-on activities, lectures, Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) presentations and an interactive notebook.


Throughout the academic year, I will be covering the 8th grade Math Reporting categories.  These can be found in detail at the Texas Educational Agency website

Our 8th grade monthly calendar will keep you informed of daily topics being taught. You can access our class page by going to


Each child who is taking 8th grade math will be given a McGraw Hill Interactive Course 3 workbook.


Homework will be assigned from Monday through Thursday.


Tests: Students will have a minimum of 4 assessments recorded per six weeks aside from the CBA

Assessments. Students will be assessed every Friday.

Retests: Students will have a chance to Retest (if applicable) in order to improve their test grade.

As per District Policy, the highest grade that can be achieved on a retest is a 70.


Afterschool tutorials will be offered from Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, for students needing extra help. (NOTE: When teacher is on duty, there will be NO tutorials)


Your child will be challenged in my class. I have high expectations for your child, as do all his/her other teachers but I will need your assistance to ensure that your child has a successful academic year. The following suggestions, if enforced, will have positive effects on your child‛s learning.

1. Review your child’s progress report.

2. Make sure your child brings his/her materials every day (Composition notebook, workbook, paper, pencils, etc.).

3. Set up a quiet area for your child to do his/her assigned homework, review daily notes and study for tests

4. Check my webpage on a weekly basis to keep informed of the math concepts being taught in my classroom.

5. Send your child to after school tutorials if needed.

6. Make sure your child studies for my tests.


Bathroom Use: Students are not allowed to step out of the classroom during the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of each class period. However, in the case of emergencies, or if I am provided with a doctor’s note, exceptions will be made.


Absences/Tardiness: Tardiness and absences will be taken seriously as per school policy.

The following steps will be taken for tardiness:

1. Verbal warning (1st tardy)

2. Call the parents (2nd tardy) * 4 TARDINESS = 1 UNEXCUSED ABSENCE

3. Report student to Truant Officer (3rd tardy)

4. Write a referral to Administration (4th tardy)

U.I.S.D. Student Code of Conduct will be strictly adhered to.

In addition, United Middle School has implemented a P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavioral Intervention Support) program, to ensure that all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional, behavioral and intervention practices.


Should you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at (956) 473 -7335 or

My planning period is from 1:35 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily.





Dulce Sepulveda

8th Grade Math/STAAR Math




Supplies that will be needed:

  • Composition Notebook
  • Pencils
  • Red Pens
  • Post-it Notes
  • Highlighters
  • Colored Pencils
  • Glue sticks




I have received and reviewed it with my child the Back to School Letter.







Name of Student: __________________________________


Parent Signature: __________________________________


Parent Email: _____________________________________


Parent Phone Number: ______________________________





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