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United Middle School

Eighth Grade English Syllabus
Mrs. Leonila E. Gonzalez



Classroom Phone: (956)473-7384


Course Description:
This class will follow the Texas State standards for English Language Arts and UISD Curriculum which are divided into four main categories: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  Our main focus will be to improve your reading and writing skills which will help you to go far in all subject areas!

Classroom Rules:
• Respect your peers, your teacher, and yourself.
• Be Prompt, Polite, Prepared, and Productive.
• Use appropriate behavior and language at all times.
• Follow the UMS School rules and Code of Conduct

Required Materials:

      Ample supply loose-leaf paper, blue and red pen
      2 composition notebooks
      3-ring binder
      5 Dividers 
     Highlighter, markers, glue stick and small scissors ( may share with other subjects)

1. Homework, Daily Assignments and Participation 50%
2. Projects, Tests & Quizzes 50%

All homework for this class has a clear and reasonable due date. Sometimes your homework will be checked the day it is due and gone over in class.  If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed and either retrieve the answers or hand it in for a grade. Remember, only ONE day of extra time is granted for each FULL day that you were absent.
Points will be deducted from your assignment as follows:
Assignment is turned in later the same day it is due→ 10 points are deducted
Assignment is turned in the following day→ 25 points are deducted
Assignment is turned in two days to one week late → 50 points are deducted



     All hand-written assignments will be done on loose-leaf paper
     All assignments MUST be neat and organized
    Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. is always expected
    Include a heading with your name, class section, and assignment title

 Test and Quizzes:
Every few weeks you will have a test/quiz on what has been covered recently, as well as some review. The topics for these quizzes will be posted, and you will be responsible for studying and seeking help from me if you do not understand something.

 Notebook and Binder:
You will have one composition notebook designated for journal writing and a binder for all other work. Each of these notebooks will be used on a regular basis and the strategies that we will use in these notebooks will strengthen your reading and writing skills. It is important that both of these materials are kept up to date and organized. I will be checking these for a daily grade at least twice in a six weeks period.


Dear Parents/Guardians:

You can reach me by phone or email. I am available before and after school, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. If I am conducting a class, please leave a message and I will return your call. 

After reviewing this syllabus with your child, please sign below and have your student return it to me. I am looking forward to a great year for our students!

Mrs. Leonila E. Gonzalez


Upcoming Events



Bring a Poster Board Monday, September 16


Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz Friday, September 13.

SAT Quiz Tuesday, September 17



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